Things to Consider When Buying E-commerce

Things to Consider When Buying E-commerce

Things to Consider When Buying E-commerce

The issue to be considered when buying e-commerce service is very important. I see that the people or companies who want to get e-commerce service are in a great hesitation before getting e-commerce service. In this article, you will be able to find answers to all the questions you may have before making ecommerce sites.

With the developing technology, the usage rates of computers and mobile devices have increased considerably. Today, the number of people who do not use mobile devices has decreased almost negligently. With this technology at hand, people can quickly shop online from their computers and mobile devices. With the Covid-19 pandemic period, the value of the e-commerce sector has undoubtedly emerged. People who do not want to go out with the fear of epidemics want to shop online via e-commerce systems. Even if the epidemic passes, we should not forget that our world will never be the old world. Imagine you have a nice shop on a beautiful street. How many people can enter and shop in an estimated day in a shop? How many people pass by this beautiful shop? Of course, what is the average rental rate of the shop, which has a nice location, and what about working salaries and other expenses? However, e-commerce systems do not have such excessive expenses and problems. With your e-commerce site, it opens up to the world and you can sell your products at minimum cost. Don't you have an e-commerce site in this period? You must have an e-commerce website. When buying e-commerce service,

- Do the companies or persons you receive service charge from you for the annual e-commerce software license fee or additional payments?

When I meet with many people who have received e-commerce services, I hear that most companies demand annual high rental prices apart from hosting. These companies usually prepare low-cost packages and install ready-made systems for you, and paint with low prices. You may have to pay fees for all additional updates and integration services to be made later. E-commerce systems, which you see as very appropriate and attractive at the beginning, may burst at higher costs at the end of the work.

- After Sales Support Time

How much support do companies or people you will receive e-commerce service for after sales? The management of e-commerce systems and the solution of this problem is quite complicated and difficult when compared to normal websites. Therefore, pay attention to the support period and do not hesitate to pay for additional support. People who make changes in the e-commerce system other than professional people can cause major problems.

- Quality and Reliability of the Server Where the Eticaret Site is Hosted

One of the most important issues is SEO. The quality of the server used for search engine optimization is very important. Professional optimization and fastest opening of your e-commerce sites will take you to the top in search engines. Slow work of e-commerce sites is a huge problem. Would you like to shop from a very slow site? E-commerce systems require many times more server hardware than the hardware features of normal websites. In general, we can see that most companies never pay attention to server quality. Server qualities, locations served, SSD disks, RAM and processor features are very important. Be careful not to use shared servers. Be sure to provide service with private IP addresses. 

- Backup

We humans can get sick at shorter intervals. So why not technological tools break down or cause problems? They are technological products created by humans on servers. Problems can also occur on these systems. There may be instantaneous data losses. However, the e-commerce sector is a sector that does not accept even the smallest data loss. The slightest data loss can cause your company to experience major problems. For this reason, I recommend you to choose companies or people who have high uptime rates and provide high quality backup services.

- SEO Service

You can be sure that you will hear the words e-commerce and SEO more often. If you are dealing with e-commerce, you will definitely need SEO service. You will need SEO work to increase your sales in the e-commerce industry. Internet advertising and SEO studies are confused today. However, they are not the same solutions. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the natural optimization work done for the promotion of search engines. As a result of the right working strategy with professional people, it has permanent results. You work once and you see the value of this labor for a lifetime. But promised with social media and search engine ads