SEO Impasse

SEO Impasse

SEO Impasse

SEO is created from the initials of Search Engine Optimization words. It literally means search engine optimization. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about SEO. Misleading can lead to irreversible losses as SEO studies are very sensitive.

Natural studies can be called SEO studies. So what do we want to say when we say natural works? We can give examples of hormone products and natural organic products. Products with hormones and genetically grown quickly grow differently than usual. It attracts attention because of its maturity and growing rapidly, but its benefits are almost nonexistent and can harm the body. We can think of SEO as a sown seed. After planting our seed, we take care of it very well by regularly watering it every day. After a certain period of time, we get our efforts in return with crops. The best part of this labor is that the products you grow from now on will give you a lifelong crop with a stable maintenance and control. You will be able to get many crops with minimal expense. That's exactly what SEO is meant to do. If we want to summarize SEO processes briefly;

- It should be done by professional and professional people.

 - The transactions will not be done quickly and immediately. It is a solid investment in the future. Therefore, it requires time and patience.

- It is a very sensitive process. For this reason, even the slightest mistakes can be very difficult to return and correct.

Search engine optimization, namely SEO studies, is done depending on the algorithms and rules determined by search engines. Algorithms, rules can change at intervals. Continuous updates and improvements are made by search engines. As I always say, even small mistakes in SEO work can lead to irreversible losses. While you want to rise in search engines, you can see bottom rows in the rankings at once. Therefore, make sure that the people you do SEO work are experts in their field.

I see that people who want to get search engine optimization, namely SEO services, get feedback from companies or freelancer employees as follows,

- We get to the first place right away

- Immediately increase your ranking

- We use a very special program, even custom made search engines do not understand :)

- Never decrease your ranking in search engines, there will be no loss

Unfortunately, the facts are not like what was said at all. Whatever you do, it is not easy to get to the top in some categories. Let us move up to the first rank, it is necessary to spend a lot of effort to get even to the first pages. Let's not forget that no ranking is permanent. In addition, it is not normal and believable to rise in search engines in any way like 1 week. This type of work will do more harm than good. Surprisingly, you can go up in a week ranking, but unfortunately, you may not find your website in search engines when you look at it later. You should avoid people or companies that make similar sentences and make promises.

At the same time, we have another big problem, which is misleading and misleading. SEO and ADVERTISING are not the same concepts. Today's so-called SEOers invest money in paid advertising tools of social media and search engines, creating clicks by creating daily ads. Let's give an example of fiction. For example, you want to advertise in the word "toy". For advertising, you are asked for an example of $ 2 per click. So when you get 10 clicks, you will have to pay 20₺. Of course, let's not forget that what you just read does not reflect the real figures. Sometimes the fees you give in these advertising channels may not allow you to display them on the first pages even with your money. Unfortunately, if your competitors pay more than you in the same words, they will be higher. The budget we understand here needs to be very strong and means that we adhere to these advertising services to get clicks. However, as you can see, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ADVERTISING are mixed. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) studies are natural studies and the work is taken for life with stable work. We should bring to mind the crop sample that was in the first part of my writing. When we think long term with SEO studies, we can see that you are much more advantageous than word based advertising by allocating daily budgets.

Of course, it should not be forgotten. If we can support SEO work with advertisements, we can produce great results. I think I was able to explain that I could not deteriorate advertising. However, we need to be able to explain this difference and correct this perception problem in the market. We want to adopt that SEO is basically an action that needs to be done and that SEO should not be misunderstood.